26 Postysheva str., Arkhangelsk, Russia
"Sawmill 25" implements its social policy, guided by the principles of objectivity, justice, mutual assistance.

“Sawmill 25” provides employees with guaranteed jobs, providing employees with a full social package. Additional social activities aimed at strengthening the workforce include the organization of summer holidays for children of workers, compensation for the costs of purchasing vouchers to children’s recreation camps, material support for large families and families with first-graders and graduates of general educational schools.

The management of “Sawmill 25” pays great attention to supporting a healthy lifestyle among members of the workforce. The company regularly holds sporting events, there is a practice of distribution of sports items.
The creation of a favorable social environment in the workforce is facilitated by cultural events held at the enterprise, including holidays and creative competitions.

“Sawmill 25” supports the activities of veteran councils of the Tsiglomensky and Maimaksansky districts, and finances the holding of solemn evenings on memorable dates. The company provides financial assistance to schools, kindergartens and other municipal educational institutions of Maimaksan and Tsiglomen districts.

“Sawmill 25” has established incentive payments to the most capable students, participants of school competitions.

“Sawmill 25” takes an active part in the improvement of the territory of the district: dumping roads, provides materials, allocates the necessary equipment.

“Sawmill 25” is a traditional participant and sponsor of major city events, such as City Day, May Relay, etc.