26 Postysheva str., Arkhangelsk, Russia
The company is constantly working to improve the quality of products and services, seeking to meet the requirements of customers as much as possible. Timber is packed in plastic film on 5 sides. Timber is protected from the adverse effects of the external environment — ultraviolet rays, precipitation, dust, etc. “Sawmill 25” has confirmed its compliance with the phytosanitary requirements of the International Standard No. 15 (ISPM 15).

The company carries out the production of sawn timber in accordance with the technical specifications of GOST 26002-83.


“Sawmill 25” sorts timber by sections, grades and lengths using FinScan Boardmaster (Finland) optical system for determining the quality of sawn timber.

For additional sorting of sawn timber according to strength classes, the Dynagrade system (Sweden-Finland) is used, which allows additional sorting of sawn timber according to strength classes C16-C30 of the European Harmonized Standard EN 14081-1: 2005 + A1: 2011.