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Caring for the welfare of employees is one of the company’s priorities.

The main principle of the social policy is the creation of comfortable conditions for work and rest of employees, increasing their social security.

The social policy of “Sawmill 25” is focused on:
– dynamic and successful development of the enterprise, ensuring safe working conditions and a high level of social and living conditions in production, promoting the comprehensive professional and cultural development of workers, creating a favorable social and psychological climate in the enterprise, maintaining and strengthening the physical and psychological health of each employee, promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, ensuring social security of the personnel of the enterprise.

“Sawmill 25” provides a full social package to each employee:

    • an effective labor protection system has been created,
    • employees of the enterprise are paid the return ticket fare to the place of recreation,
    • at the expense of the enterprise, health and preventive measures are carried out,
    • gifts for the New Year are annually provided for the children of the factory workers, New Year’s competitions are held,
    • cash allowances are paid on the occasion of holidays, anniversaries,
    • every year, on the Day of Forest Workers, the plant management officially honors the specialists who have distinguished themselves the most in the current year. They are solemnly awarded with certificates of honor and cash incentives. Photos of our employees decorate the enterprise’s “Board of Honor”, which is the corresponding entry in the workbook.

Social policy of this type allows to create a positive image and reputation of the company, create conditions that attract professionals, reduce staff turnover, increase employee loyalty, increase motivation and strengthen the team spirit of employees.