26 Postysheva str., Arkhangelsk, Russia

JSC Lesozavod 25 produces wood pellets

Appearance of wood granules (pellets) – granules of a cylindrical form, without foreign impurity and mold traces.

The surface of the granules is hard and shiny, without blisters, cracks and delamination.

Color – from light gray to light brown.

Pellets diameter – 6 mm. (Optional – 8 mm) The length of the pellets is 3.15-40 mm.

The net calorific value for the working condition is not less than 17.0 GJ/t.

Moisture content is not more than 8%.

Bulk density not less than 600 kg/m3.

Ash content is not more than 0.7%.

Mechanical strength is not less than 97.5%.

Scope – in heat and power generation, for heating residential and industrial premises, in animal husbandry.

Shipping in bulk (optional in 0.5/1.0 t big-bags or in 15 kg bags on pallets)

Sales department:

+7 (8182) 634-328